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Dr. John Harvey Kellog (who operated on 22,000 patients) "maintained that 90% of the diseases of civilization are due to improper functioning of the colon."
Nina Wildermuth and Emma Martin invite you to their new Como premises at 450 Canning Highway.
As experienced, qualified Colon Hydrotherapists Nina and Emma utilise the latest in technology with only sterile, disposable equipment, and offer the best colonic service in Perth! Nina is also a qualified Naturopath, available for consultations, hair analysis and nutritional advice.
Please call Nina on 0408 087 117 for queries or to make an appointment.
Open 7 days per week, evenings upon request | Clinic (08) 6162 0387
Weight Loss and Detox Programs Available
"I had always been curious about how colonics could benefit me. Several of my friends have had them. With some hesitation and nervousness I went to Colonics@450- if it wasn't effective, at least it wasn't expensive! The ladies there made me feel so comfortable, and the constant monitoring and feedback helped me relax. I have been suggested to get a blood test before my next session which will hopefully shed some light on some of my remaining symptoms..." - Claire, South Lake
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